Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sit Com Idea

I first heard the term, "jumping the shark" on the radio about five or six years ago and from the moment I heard it, I knew exactly what it meant. It's a reference to an old episode of Happy Days where after running out of ideas for what to do next, the writers had the Fonze test his cool by doing a ski jump over a shark tank. This comes after episodes in which Arthur Fonzerelli had already done motorcycle jumps over cars, demolition derbies, and rumbles with gangs, kung fu experts, and an alien (remember Mork). Since the common complaint is that Hollywood doesn't ever have new ideas I feel that we should embrace our own unoriginality and really run with it. In it we would follow a typical American family and their wacky neighbor as they encounter all sorts of odd hijinx. Every episode would shamelessly force in every trite T.V. fallback idea and play it up in the campiest tongue in cheek way. To set the precedent we would have a character literally jump a shark in the very first episode. In the second episode, uh oh Donnie's got amnesia!!!! The third episode "We're having a baby!!!". The fourth epsiode the baby is now inexplicably five years old and doesn't he say the cutest things. The fifth episode Janie's got a boyfriend, and she's thinking about...kissing!!! The sixth episode Donnie finds out it's not cool to fall a victim of peer pressure, also the youngest kid has now inexplicably dissapeared. I was tired of him.
Let me know what you think blog world. I think it could be genius! If it anybody would like to buy this idea from me then I'd be glad to sell it.