Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Glad I Didn't Go With This Bunny
It's not that I don't think he's cute. Just look at him! That soft pink velveteen fur. That adorable vacant expression in his eyes. Those floppy ears. It's a cute rabbit. It also looks like he was in Mr. McGregor's garden again chopping up tomatoes. Look at the little scamp. He's a mess!

It's also not due to the recent criticism that this blog has received on national talk radio in regards to my submission for the best bunny pic. I can take it. I'm not sensitive. The House of Dagromm does not lay down for any audience or try to appease any groups. We strive only for our own betterment.

No, the reason this picture wasn't used is because I didn't feel that it was in the spirit of the challenge. All of the other bunnies depicted were of actual rabbits, this one I dare say is not real. Now if someone were to take him and truly love him I've been raised to believe that he could become real. Then he would qualify for the contest. So if anybody would like to do this then maybe by the next bunny challenge he will be ready.