Monday, May 14, 2007

Guitar Hero

This weekend my son had his first guitar performance at his music schools' concert. I got the impression from his practicing the day or so leading up to the concert that he hadn't practiced as much as he should have and was cramming before the big test.

So, Saturday evening we crammed into the room where the ten or so kids would be playing in front of assembled family, friends, and instructors. My son kicked things off with his rendition of Pachobel's Canon. Something I had been referring to as the Taco Bell Cannon for the previous week. In case you didn't know the Taco Bell Cannon is what eventually over powered the defenders of the Alamo and allowed Santa Anna to claim victory. My kids' teachers love the interesting misinformation I feed my kids. At least I think so.

Anyway they introduced him and even in the back of the room I could hear him immediately question the MC, "I thought I was going second!!!". He dropped his guitar about four times on his way up to the front to play his music and then launched into it before anyone realized he was going to start. He played a little too softly as for some reason he had decided not to plug into the amp that was there, but I could still make it out. It started off well, but as he reached the more difficult bits there were some painful stumbles. I think that he realized he should have practiced more, but we were still proud of him for testing his nerves and playing in front of a room full of people.

The other performers (all kids) varied from comical to more comical in their performances. One fourteen year old who was performing reminded me of a much younger Kyle Gass. In looks, and sound, and presence. That being said he was so into his playing of Sunshine of My Heart that he started singing along and decided to do the extended rock your socks off version. Admittedly he was a good guitar player, but the singing I could barely contain my laughter. My son didn't seem to notice though as he was in the front row throwing up the devil horns and banging his head to the music. I almost died.

In other news, it was Saint Mother's Day this weekend. A shout out to all the mamas out there. You know who you are.