Friday, November 09, 2007

The Month in Review

Things have really been in a flurry lately as we raced to the end of our youth sports seasons and the end is in sight. This weekend will be the last game for my daughter's rec soccer team that I coach. After we defeat The Butterflies we will be 8-2 for the season and in second place. Not bad improvement for our team. The first season we went 3-7 and last season 6-4 so we are slowly creeping towards perfection. We still have plenty of area for improvement so I'm excited about next season already. After the game we will have our end o'season party and do the whole trophy thing.

My son has also finished his football season, sort of. His team went on to wint he City Championship. The player that they had lost due to a move to Arizona flew back to help out and the final score of the game was 32-19. He is so proud of his Trophy that says 1st place and City Champion. I don't know if he'll want to play again next year, but I think he'll be ready to go again come next fall. This weekend they have "Bowl Game" against a different city champion. I don't know why, because after you win the City Championship I can't help but think that anything afterwards will be a let down. After that, I think we will mercifully be done.

My daughter's other team (Liverpool) finished their season last weekend. They started the season roughly, but they had two wins and a tie in their last three games to finish on a positive note. The girl spent the last three or four games playing defense which I don't think is the right position for her, but I guess is where the coach felt like she helped the most. The girl was excited about playing defense at first, but looked a little bored about it by the last game. She's got lots of room to grow as a defender. One on one she's alright, but she's a horrible team defender right now. Oh well. They've got their end of season party on Sunday.

Additional winning that's been going on.
I did win one of the drawings at the HR conference. I don't want to say what I won, because I don't know who'll be getting it for Christmas yet, but I thought it was fairly cool. I also won the footpall pick 'em at work for last week. I don't participate too much because people have a hard time with the guy that's handing out the prizes handing one to himself, but it was my turn so f 'em. I also won first prize in the Halloween costume contest. I dressed in my best impersonation of Dingle from Reno 911. I had a wig, fake mustache, uniform, etc. People could actually identify who I was which was cool.

You read all of this and you think everything's perfect, but life is never that easy. The family has had losses, bills are always tighter then I'd like, and I have to replace my car. Just in time for the holiday season.