Friday, April 04, 2008

Time shoots by and there are multiple things to catch loyal readers up on. The boy has an unofficial girlfriend. It’s been going on for a while. She told a friend that she liked him who told him and he said “ummm ok” and then he asked her to the dance which she couldn’t go to because she had family coming in town, she calls him semi-regularly, he took a picture of her with his cell phone, and now she wants to know if he can go to the mall and hang out sometime. So that’s romance and dating in the modern day. Her name is Ebony. She’s a sista.

The girl’s soccer season is almost to the midway point and she and the team have been struggling. I don’t know if she’s just uncomfortable transitioning between the two teams or what, but she knows that she’s not playing well which is frustrating her and making her play worse. She and I have worked a little extra and have talked about it, so I hope that’s about to turn around this weekend. The team started getting really physical in practice and I’m hoping it carries over into the games, because we’ve been lacking in that regard to a painful degree.

Today I find out that the girl has strep throat. She had to get a shot in the leg and I don’t know that she’ll be playing this weekend. I got her McNuggets. That's the only medicine I know. That and Pee Wee's Big Adventure.