Friday, August 17, 2007

This is Why, This is Why, This is Why I'm Hot

Hot excited? Hot sexy? Hot happening? Hell yeah!

I've continued to keep up the momentum from Susan's ten pound challenge and have exceeded my target. That's how I do. I've now lost over thirteen pounds and the jeans that had gotten too uncomfortably tight now fit very comfortably again. My diet on a normal workday goes something like this.

Breakfast - Fruit (banana, pear, plum, whatever I have on hand at the time)
Mid-morning snack - Dry cereal and cranberries. Right now the cereal is Special K, but it varies with what's on sale.
Lunch-some sort of protein drink. I've gotten used to the Myoplex Light.
Afternoon snack - Snickers Energy Bar or crackers or raisins.
Dinner - Grilled meat, veggies.

I don't kill myself with the diet. It does vary and I don't deny myself something I want. When people at the office bring in stuff (donuts, kolaches, etc.) I'll still help myself, but I monitor how much I take. I also am a less disciplined on weekends and really whenever I feel like it, but so far I haven't had much trouble sticking to this.

Anyway, I've gotten leaner and am feeling pretty good about it.

Shifting gears roughly, soccer practices have geared back up this week. We've got three new girls on the team, all with previous experience and from what I've seen so far we're going to be a tough team to beat. I'm upset with the league about not placing one of our returning players back with us that registered during late registration saying that they had alreaady filled her spot. We were willing as a team to play up a year to have more roster spots, but in the end the league pulled the rug out from us on that one too. So we will have to wait a season or two to get her back. I'm so excited about getting this season going and finally getting to see the girls in action and figuring out what they need to work on. My daughter is also excited, because she loves to compete and recognizes that the team is getting better.

Hear that? That's the transmission trying to handle me very poorly dropping the clutch and shifting gears again. The boy got his football jersey last night. My wife says that he was looking anxious when they were handing them out and was possibly afraid he wasn't going to get one. He was proud of his jersey with the Dagromm name on the back. I admit they look nice. I'm sorely disappointed that they've scheduled a "preseason game" this weekend that I will miss. I am excited however about my weekend plans. Q and I have our annual trip to Shreveport scheduled already and we can't disappoint the bookies! Cyber D used to come with us every year, but he has submitted to the dominating authority of his wife and doesn't come any more. I on the other hand retain my manhood and go where I please when I please!

Dagromm Out!!!!!