Friday, June 08, 2007

Golden Handcuffs
Tomorrow is another biggie at the HoD. Me and Mrs. Dagromm will celebrate(?) 11 years of marriage. A little background for those who do not know. I met Mrs. Dags in high school our first day of class, Freshman year, 7th period. I spotted her when I came in the class and was looking for a place to sit. She was sitting at a table wearing a white button up top, green plaid skirt, and white canvas sneaks. One of her friends (Lanesha) was sitting at the table with her. A little dude was sitting on the far end of the table. One seat was open. I was there in a motion that was so quick that I think it startled the others in the room. I let those at the table know that they were in the presence of Dagromm and that great things were about to happen. The stage was set.

My sights were set square on the future Mrs. Dagromm. I just needed to introduce myself and close the deal. On the way home I told my best friend that I had acquired a target and that it was only a matter of time. Three months is what it took to get the phone number. Mrs. Dagromm is not a fast learner. Another seven for the first date. Another four for the first kiss. Another 79 months and we were married. Mission accomplished. She was mine. My friend later told me that I, "had kind of over shot the target". "Yeah, well..." I smartly replied.

So after many good times, bad times, and lots in between we reach this anniversary. I still hold true to the vows I made that fateful day in Vegas.

I vow to love you forever.
I vow to keep it real.
I vow to keep this bangin' body tight.
I vow to bet the Quinella when I'm not sure on the Exacta.
I vow to box Superfectas that are less than $1.
I vow to split my pairs.
I vow to always double down.
I vow to always bet on black.
I vow to spend no more than $10 on slots.
I vow to fold on mixed suits that aren't pairs or aren't at least face cards.
I vow to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.
For ever and ever till death do us part.