Friday, October 17, 2008

Where's the Dagromm At?

I've seen this and heard this asked multiple times over the last few months? Seriously, it's like where ever I go I'm hearing, "Where's Dagromm" and "Hey, Dags is missing" and stuff like that. It's been pretty crazy. I thought I'd end the silence and give you a trimmed down version of what's been indulging my time for the last several months.

1. JANGO - I love the internet, because there are always sites that the administrator misses when he tries to stop all the bandwidth from getting used up. I like to work on my on-line radio station "Dagromm's First" and increase my playlist. It's hard work though.

2. Soccer - The girl's team has started slow again and we are finally starting to turn the corner. I wish that we could get more participation at practice.

3. Election Talk - This has got to be the funniest presidential race in history. Once again I love he internet, because I receive something new almost everyday. My current favorite is the Barackroll on YouTube.

4. Fretting

5. Loving

6. Partying - Admittedly #'s 4, 5, and 6 used to happen in reverse order, but I'm older now and have had a vasectomy, so there you go.

7. Softball - We now have a social sports team at work. It includes practices once a week, games once a week, and female coworkers in shorts.

8. Poker - I now have a Facebook for no apparent reason. Q and Cyber D told me I needed one and it was free, so I caved to peer pressure. I still don't really make use of it except to play poker (for points) on line. I don't chat at the table unless I'm really bored. I am also amazed at how quickly people jump to conclusions when they see your avatar.