Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trying to Catch My Breath

I began the new job on Friday and have not had anytime during the workday to write. I apologize to all my female admirers out there. I also apologize to my male admirers who look to me for guidance and inspiration. The new gig is good and I am enjoying it quite a bit so far.

The person who I was replacing only had a couple of days to train me and my brain has been mush at the end of the day. It's unfortunately been during a very busy time so it wasn't a hold your hand kind of training. It was more of a watch me while I zip through 10,000 programs and spreadsheets to get and input information. Got it? Good then you should be fine in two weeks when it's your turn.

Today was my first day alone, and I'm trudged through as best I could. I expect to be past the worst of it by the end of the week and think it should be much lighter next week. I think that I should have all of the processes down well enough in another four or five weeks where I won't cringe everytime my phone rings with a question.

I've tried to find time to jump though everybody's blogs and keep up, but unfortunately I can't get to every one of them (Cyber D, Gyuss).

I'm not dead and I'm not miserable just a little swamped at the moment. I'm actually excited for the opportunity to prove myself at a place that seems pretty decent.

Here's a pic of the lady I'm replacing. She will be missed.