Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some Decisions

I've made a few decisions that I thought I'd share. First of all Lasic surgery is for losers. I like contacts and glasses. I get to change up my look. Sometimes I look like the professor with the smokin' hot bod. Other times I'm the sporty looking guy with the smokin' hot bod. So, you can keep your stupid Lasic surgery. I don't need it.

Next, big screen hi-def plasma T.V.'s suck. It totally ruins the look of your room when you can't have that massive space consuming entertainment center. Where are you gonna store all of those old VHS tapes??? Sure you could still put the T.V. on an entertainment center, but then you're just being stupid. So they suck.

Third, new luxury cars BLOW. Why would you want to drive some comfy shiny piece of crap when you could be like a real American and drive a shitty old Mustang? I believe that every trip should be an adventure and there's no bigger adventure then not knowing if you're going to make it to your destination every time you strap the seat belt on. So you can keep your Cadillacs, Mercedes, BMW's, etc. I'm not interested.

Lobster dinners at fancy restaraunts are awful. Who would want that? Not me, I tell you.

Playstation 3's? Garbage.

Stays at resorts and spas? Crap.

Having people cook, clean, do your lawn? Stupid. Really really stupid. Just so stupid!!!