Thursday, December 21, 2006

Casualties Soar!!!

As this unprecedented war (B-Dub 1) continues the toll it takes on the fighting forces mounts. Already the evil axis has lost 13,524 bloodthirsty killers to their unriteous cause. Combined with the losses of CyberD and our own House of Dagromm that brings the total loss of life to 13,525. While his soldiers suffer and die the Q refuses to assist and instead spends his time hobnobbing at social functions.

Photo of Cemetary of Enemy Losses in This War

Photo of Cemetary of Combined Losses of Dagromm and CyberD

Why The Hell Didn't Anybody Tell Us About This???

Apparently there is a Q in Qatar too? Whatever Qatar is. Well that's fine we've already sent out a contingent of soldiers to discover whether any threat exists there. It's in the middle east so y'know there probably is. I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'. Odds are...
Allied Forces of Cyberman and Dagromm Break Through Vegas Lines

After much fighting, the expected happened and the Allied Forces of Good were able to break through the malicious combined forces of the Q and Gyuss to retake the city of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it was too late to save the brothels in which the cowardly had taken refuge. All that was left was shallow graves filled with the bodies of the ladies that had been working at the time. This as all know is the mark of the Q.

The Stars Come Out In a Show of Support for Dagromm

Hollywood has spoken and they are showing unprecedented support for the War on Q. Activity is mounting as shows are being scheduled to entertain our fighting men and women overseas. Already slated are superstars Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Paulie Shore. Actress/Singer/War Advocate Jessica Simpson spoke to a crowd recently recanting her one encounter with the Q many years ago. She held back tears while giving a moving speech about the verbal and emotional abuse that he beset upon her. Then she also spoke to "the many atrocities that he has enacted on her likeness" on multiple occasions. She ended the speech signaling victory to rapturous applause.
The School for Combat Ready Evil Warriors for the Q (S.C.R.E.W. Q) faces diminishing numbers
Recent reports show that the tyrant is quickly losing favor with the people and his ability to recruit and train subservient lapdogs is at the brink of crisis. This picture shows a recent gathering of the despots trainees and the confusion that has become the "Corner". This is joyful news to the rest of the world with citizens around the globe celebrating and gloating. One cheerful man in Bahrain was heard to say, "Whose Bad?" and telling Q to, "just beat it". The people have spoken.
Spies Uncover Q's Plans for Army of Evil!

Recently undercover spies brought truly frightening pictures of Q's designs to construct an army of a diabolical nature. This computer generated simulation shows his plans outside of what is purported to be the "Corner of the Q". Already tacticians within the House have begun to devise counter strategies including the development of a super cannon.

Intelligence Reports on Q Stronghold

Thanks to the efforts of our international network of spies and informants we can now report that we are close to finding the exact position of the "Corner of the Q". Numerous tips have been received pointing out that the most well known Q in the world is in "Iraq". Upon further inspection of our various maps and globes we have confirmed that there is a Q in Iraq. Could this be a coincidence? Probably... NOT! Even now special forces are closing in. Q, your reign of vileness has come to an end!