Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 is the Magic Number

It seems like it's been an eternity since I've had a three day weekend. It also seems to have been an eternity since I've had a weekend that wasn't completely booked up with kids activities. So, we at the House decided to take it easy, spend some of the movie gift cards we received from soccer, and catch up on some movie watching. I'll talk about what we saw, give my review, and try to go light on spoilers.

The first movie we saw was Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End aka Pirates 3. This movie was really long and a lot darker than the original. Darker in feel and darker in texture and visuals. There was also a tremendous body count. I would be curious to see how this movie matches up to the death tolls of other movies that carried R ratings for violence like Commando and the Terminator movies. Visually, it was fun watch and the constant double crossing became an amusing game within the movie. As in the second movie, I don't think they made good use of Keira Knightley's hotness so I can only give this movie an A-.

The second movie we saw was Shrek the Third aka Shrek 3. This was our first time to watch a movie at the Studio Movie Grill. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept, it is a movie theater fitted with tables and is extra roomy so that waiters can take you order and bring you food during while you watch your show. They give you a menu and a light up buzzer so that you can alert the waitstaff that you want something. They also have a bar and serve alcohol. By the late night show, which is the one we went to for Shrek, the smell of drunks is pretty potent. This movie wasn't as funny as the first two and my quesadilla tasted dry. My son enjoyed all you can eat pizza and really got the money's worth out of it. This all comes together to make the movie an A-.

The last movie of the weekend for us was Spiderman 3 aka Spiderman 3. I didn't find this movie as painful as Gyuss did. There was only one scene that made me cringe. The rest of it I thought was pretty decent. Thomas Hayden Church stole the movie for me as the Sandman. Really spot on. Sure, the story had some holes, but I don't believe you should overthink a comic book movie. I'm also used to comic book lore being reinvented. The Spidey lore has been redone so many times in comics, movies, cartoons, etc. that I don't feel an attachment that takes offense to seeing it redone differently yet again. The fudge brownie sundae that I ate during this movie was really tastey. The brownie was a little tough, but the ice cream was yummy. A recap: visual effects - good and bad, the story - decent with holes, dancing - bad, fudge brownie - tough, ice cream - good. That's an A- if there ever was one.