Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Fans Came out To Support Soccer

It's done. With the exception of still needing to track down two girls to give them their trophies and thank them for playing, the stress is over. We played a bunch of minigames in a fast paced format on Sunday and we were all exhausted afterwards. I was glad that the teams we played were ones that we hadn't played before. It's good to see some new competition. That being said, they were higher caliber teams with more experience from a higher division. It's the kind of thing that as a coach you like to see because they show the flaws that your team needs to work on. And now I've got all summer to dwell on it.

To be fair we were competitive early on while we had our better players in there, and we even won a coupleof matches with opportunities to win a couple more. Our team wore down though as the others had more players and fatigue began to set in.

The girls had a good time though playing in the stadium. They got free t-shirts, pizza, and autographs from some of the FC Dallas players. They also got to be in a parade before the game and see themselves on the jumbotron, which equates to being on TV in their heads. When they weren't having emotional blow ups at each other or wandering off they were having lots of fun. The parents looked worn out too, until the concession stands at the stadium opened and they were delighted to see that they could get smoothies with rum in them, margaritas, and of course beer.

Luckily I didn't lose any of the girls amidst all of the chaos and crowds of people. I had been having nightmares leading up to it that something like in the picture below was going to occur.

My BunnyPicture

In response to the Gyuss/Pokiman/Heather challenge to find the best bunny picture. I offer you this. Are you not entertained!!!!!!