Friday, July 27, 2007

More Text Pics

Since there's been such a ground swell of interest about the text messages and pictures that get shared between the Crotch Wizards I thought that I would pull back the curtain, as they say, and give the fans a glimpse at the never before seen inner workings of the group. In this House of Dagromm exclusive you the normal human mortal will get a chance to permeate some of the secret mechanisms that transpire between the Crotch Wizards. The two text message pics that you will see were sent by Dagromm himself by cell phone to one of his lieutenants in the Crotch Wizards, Q. The reason? It's hard to say, but it is suspected that Q is the only one of the group whose phone is set up to receive the pictures.

The first one was sent in June.

Big Kisses?

The second one was sent on July 12th of this year.

Thinking of you.

Much like the mystery surrounding Stone Henge and Easter Island, people will speculate for years what the ramifications of these messages truly are. Do they allude to knowledge of a higher power? Are they part of some secret language or code that can't be unlocked without the discovery of a Rosetta Stone? Does this mean there is intelligent life on other planets? Will David Faustino ever get another television show?

The world may never know.