Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks to CNN for getting this story out to the public.

Video: Stripping for college credit*

Now, I'm considering going back to college.

Or the strip club.

I like the message that the girl has at the end. What a great honor's thesis.

Additionally, this story made me cry a little bit.
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

It's been an off day for me. I'm running a little late, but on a lot of adrenaline, because I had a last moment job interview. I just stumbled across it yesterday when talking with a vendor that we use for staffing. She asked if I was looking at all, then backed off obviously thinking that she might be crossing some sort of line. I told her not to worry and to go ahead and tell me about what she had going on. So long story short I went in for an interview early this morning before coming in to work today.

Bad decision number one: I stayed up to late last night trying to listen to Open Mic Night. I had some connectivity issues and heard my name mentioned after a decapitation story, but before the baby in the microwave story. It's better to get some rest befoer you stumble into an interview all bleary eyed.

Weird coincidence number one: I had met the guy that I was interviewing with before hand. We had taken a prep class together for a few months. We hadn't really talked, but we recognized each other. Hopefully I didn't make to big an ass of myself in the class. I certainly wasn't quiet the whole time and the teacher and I didn't see eye to eye on a few things.

Weird coincidence number two: We were wearing the same shirt. A canary yellow long sleeve button up. It looked loads better on me. My tie and complexion really sets it off.

Bad decision number two: I wore the same clothes into work. Since it's a newer shirt and I save my better office shoes for interviews, people have been asking me all day if I had a job interview. I tell them yes. They think I'm kidding.

Bad decision number three: I wore my contacts and didn't take any allergy medicine. My left eye is very irritated now and I've had to take out that contact lens and throw it away. I'm now trying to do everything with one eye closed, which is causing it to water even more and is giving me a head ache. People now think that I didn't get the job.