Friday, October 05, 2007

Time and Again

I'm not feeling too productive today. I find them times of intense activity and productivity are generally followed by times of intense inactivity and lack of productivity. This is one of those days. The necessities of the week have been met, and I'm done. There's plenty more for me to do, but mentally I'm on vacation.

I feel like I've been talking about the value of time a lot lately and certainly contemplating mortality brings that out in people, but hopefully it hasn't been too redundant. I thought I would spend a post listing some of the things that I think are an inordinate waste of my valuable life.

People stopped in the right lane at a traffic signal who are not going to turn right. These people should by and large be dragged from their massive SUV's and shot. You are wasting my life by sitting in front of me and holding me up.

Word Verification on comment pages. I don't know how many precious hours I've lost to this thing. I get them wrong all the time. I have yet to see any difference on my blog by not having it. Please get rid of them.

Customer Call Centers with automation instead of a live person that can quickly answer my questions.

Lines. Any of line that I have to stand in, is not a well organized event. I should never have to come to a complete stop. Ever.

The credit card pitch at the department store. I don't want it. Please don't beat me down at the register about it or ask me why I don't want to apply. It's none of your f'ing business. You need to be more concerned with how pissed I am that I had to stand in line for an extra five minutes to get to the register because you beat down every person in front of me with the same pitch.