Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The boy has completed 1 1/2 weeks of practice for football now. The first week was all conditioning and basics. This week has been in full gear with hitting. Practice #1 was fine. The second practice was fine as well. The third practice he lost his helmet at the field somewhere. Not a good night for the boy as he had to endure some Dagrommian fury at it's worst. The fourth practice his coach brought the helmet which he had found, and the boy had to run more laps than any football player, ever. Punishment for losing his helmet and for not paying enough attention to the drills. The fifth practice was full contact and had some tackling/hitting drills. The boy got lit up. Repeatedly. He made one tackle to which everyone really cheered him. Otherwise he was blown up by the other kids. Everything you could do wrong in trying to tackle someone he did. Poor form, too high, tentative, lack of power. It looked painful. Repeatedly. Yesterday he made two tackles at practice and felt that he did better. He still got blown up a lot. The team gave him an ovation at the end of practice for his effort. The coach told him that if he didn't quit before the first game then he would buy him dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Now he's motivated. Hell, if I'd thought of it I'd have told the kid to attack the others like they were made of mole sauce. He loves himself some Mexican food.

Two more practices to go this week. Here's hoping he figures it out before he gets himself killed.