Friday, February 12, 2010

A Confession

I've wanted to talk about this for a while, but haven't had the strength to admit it. I've become a frequenter of a certain website that I need to stay away from. It's no good for me. I have doubts whether anyone should frequent it, but I can't stop. The website has pictures of things you wouldn't believe. Pictures of things that no one would ever think to take pictures of. The website in question is that of Lone Star Auctions. This is the website used by local police stations, school districts, and other government agencies to dispense of confiscated or surplus property. I'm continuously drawn there to see what new thing I can find. A lot of 30 broken school desks? A lot of 8 miscellaneous cell phones dating back 10 years? A dump truck? I've seen all of them for sale and more. Pallets of cafeteria trays, sound mixing equipment, stuffed deer heads. The merchandise varies from the mundane to the truly bizarre. For example...

Look closely. Yes indeed. That is a Cleveland Steamer. For sale!!! Who would have ever thought you could buy a Cleveland Steamer on the internet. I'm disgusted. And compelled.