Friday, December 03, 2010

That Time of Year

So it's that time of the year again when the world asks "What does Dagromm want for Christmas?". So in the spirit of saving time from responding to hundreds/thousands of e-mails I decided to post my list.

1. Mix Tape - Preferably a CD actually. Now don't ask what I want on it, because then I'll be making it. Put songs you like on it, or ones you think I should like. Make a best 2010 CD's or your favorite songs ever. Give it a theme like songs that include the words "cherry cola" somewhere in the lyrics or are about posteriors or something, both of which I think wouldn't be that tough to do. The best part is even if I get the same thing from everyone they would all be different.
2. Soccer Jersey - Preferably of a professional or national team, but barring that if you send me an adult sized version of your kids jersey I'll wear it too. Heck go online and design your own and make it weird as hell, I'll wear it. Just nothing that I can't wear around kids. I've got enough of that stuff in my closet already.
3. Fancy Cheese - I don't think this requires explanation. It's cheese!
4. Footwear in either purple or green (not both). I wear a 10.5 in mens. I'd prefer mens shoes.
5. Any book by an athlete you can't believe would ever write a book or have one published.

I hope this helps.