Monday, January 22, 2007

Slightly Disturbing

I only said slightly to make Gyuss feel better, but when I did a yahoo search trying to find his blog some curious information came up. Check it out:

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2006 Weblog Awards - Blog Of The Day Awards - Top Blog Awards: July 2006 - Best Blog - Top Blogs - Best Blog Awards...
... Blog of the Day Award goes to Gyuss Baaltar for his wierd guy on the ... thusly: Cave of Gyuss Baaltar: hermit, luddite, man's man, handsome devil, gnome - 96k - Cached - More from this site
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drilldo sex machine forums machines board globalspec fucking forum ... Cave of Gyuss Baaltar: hermit, luddite, man's man, handsome devil. - 26k - Cached - More from this site
Cave of Gyuss Baaltar: hermit, luddite, man's man, handsome devil, gnome without a cause.: Pick 'Em Part 1
Since I apparently cannot pick football games, I'm going with a new strategy ... Gyuss Baaltar. Too handsome to be a pirate, too talkative to be a ninja. - More from this site
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It's interesting that his site was number three after the Weblog Awards and Drilldo. You might want to be a little more discrete Gyuss?
I Took the Kids on the Way Back Machine

Every once in a while I get the urge to watch an old movie that I remember from my younger days and expose the kids to some retro culture. This weekend I rented Adventures in Babysitting. To make it even more retro I got it on VHS so that we could enjoy the poor picture quality that the original artists had intended. Anyway, the kids liked it a bunch and I was surprised how much the movie held up. I was afraid that the kids would be turned off early on because it would look dated, but they got caught up in it and couldn't be torn away. I guess some things just transcend time. Like Elizabeth Shue. She really rocked that 80's hair. Maybe more than any other person, and that's a feat. We miss you Elizabeth Shue!!! Come back from the future!!!!
A Shout Out To My Younger Readers Out There

As a parent of a young daughter I find that I become more and more concerned with what images are being portrayed to girls as to what an ideal girl is. I know this isn't groundbreaking stuff, but I guess as a male it was easy to turn a blind eye to until now. I worry that she feels that being blonde is prettier than having dark hair, that having straight hair is prettier than curly, and that having white skin is prettier than having brown skin. These are all things that she has intimated that the would prefer to have. As a father it worries me to no end. I think she is a beautiful girl and I worry that she won't value herself as much as she should. I look at things like Barbies and the celebutantes that are all the rage now and worry about how much they negatively impact her self image. Mattell has done a lot to include multicultural friends and give them their own character and style, but in the end Barbie is still the lead. If you asked my daughter which was her favorite of her dolls she will answer Barbie, even though there are others that look more like her. Those are her second favorite.

On top of that I worry about the glorification of the party girl right now. The celebutantes once again are partly to blame for this, as well as the music industry with songs and videos imploring girls to act like strippers, and various other commercials, shows, and movies. I know that the easy answer for people to say is to monitor what she watches, change the channel, etc., but that's not always an effective solution. Lots of times what was once safe isn't anymore. Mary Kate and Ashley, Lindsay Lohan, and others were once all seen as very safe child stars. They were marketed to kids until every kid knew who they were. They then succumbed to the lifestyle and pressure of big media until they become the last people you want your child to emulate. The message I'm afraid all of this is sending to young girls is, "you need to look pretty, shake your ass, and be ready to take your clothes off at the drop of a hat because that's all you're good for".

I guess I could go on and on about this, but I won't. In closing I just want to say to all of the House of Dagromm's younger readers out there is that you don't have to look like this to be a beautiful and wonderful person.

...but if you do, don't be afraid to shoot me a line.