Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss USA Announces Support for Cyberman Then Falls on Her Ass

The lesson here is fairly obvious. Only bad things occur when Cyber D is involved. Way to bring down America, Cyberman!!!!
Dagromm Update

I have a few things to get to today so this might jump around a bit more than normal. First of all, I was offered and accepted the job I interviewed for last week. I think it was the yellow shirt and tie that sealed it for me. I will either start there at the end of this week or the start of next week. That being said I will probably be less Blogger available for a little while. At least a couple of days. Not too much more than that.

My boss was pretty decent when I gave him my notice, of course he doesn't realize how soon I'm going to be gone. I gave him a two week notice in the hopes that they will let me go this week and pay me out in lieu of notice. If they don't do that in the next day then I will simply say that I need to move up my notice and leave earlier. I figure it doesn't hurt to try though, because I can always use the extra cash.

I'd also like to thanks Heather and Bice/Mac for throwing there support behind the Quad in this time of transition and completely denouncing Cyberman on national radio. The people have spoken Cyber D and YOU ARE DONE.