Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Big Announcement!!!

Dear Blog World,

This note will mark the 200th post on The House of Dagromm. I haven't gotten official word from the Guinness Book yet, but I believe this to be a world record.

Since the record checking department can take several weeks to verify peoples' accomplishments and I believe it just to be a formality, I would like to go ahead and say a few words of thanks for those who made it all possible.

First of all I have to thank God. Without you I could never have achieved everything in my life. You give me guidance and inspiration.

I'd also like to thank my darling wife. You have stood beside me, or behind me, or near me, or some times you sit down, and sometimes it's in a completely seperate room while you watch TV; but through it all I know that you've wanted what is best for me and my blog.

Next, I'd like to thank Allah. I'm not sure if you really exist, but if you do then I couldn't have done this without you either. I appreciate you not having any of your followers declare Jihad on me. I throw big ups and mad respect your way.

My family, I love all of you. Really. I know I don't visit, or call, or write but I do care...from a distance.

To Cyberman, Q, Gyuss, and all of the friends I've made in the blog community, don't feel that this makes me a better blogger than you. Instead I open my doors to you to draw inspiration from me and all that I have accomplished. You're welcome.

I'd also like to thank Jewish God. You're a lot like Christian God, which makes you ok in my book. While I'm at it, I'd also like to thank Brahman, Buddha, L. Ron Hubbard, and Thor. I'm not sure what part any of you played in all of this, but I like to cover my bases.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank all of my loyal fans out there. To you, the silent masses that may not speak out on the comments section, I give my sincerest of thanks. Without your support this blog would not have become the record breaking blog it is.

Yours Truly,