Thursday, August 09, 2007

If Your Actions Inspire Others

Well blog folk, I have to admit that I am impressed and somewhat concerned that I have inspired so many of you to take up the dangerous pastime of storm chasing. I have received numerous e-mails from around the world with your own pictures of Mother Nature dressed in her most wicked of clubbing clothes bringing her wrath down upon the world. I just urge you all to consider your own safety first and don't feel that you have to live up to my example of daring. It's too much to attempt.

The first picture comes from the D.C. area. It appears that the photographer has taken to higher ground to get this pic which of course has it's pros and cons. I myself prefer to stay at "ground zero" for my pictures, but I don't fault anyone for looking for protective cover.

The next picture comes courtesy of Eslocura. I know that Cyber D protested this picture saying that the American government had put a stop to Puerto Rico getting rainbows anymore. As soon as he saw it he was on the phone calling Congressman and Senators to try and get this idea enacted.