Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Q Brings Children Into The Battle

Proving what a scurrilous scoundrel he actually is the Q has started forcing children to try to wage his war. Reports are that Q has threatened to assassinate Santa Clause if the children did not take arms for his diabolical cause. Already the streets are lined with children mourning the promised execution that Q has brought upon them.
Update From the Front Lines
Soldiers laughingly say, "Q's Army Is a Joke"

Imbedded reporters with a division of The House's First Infantry say that spirits are high as soldiers find their opposition to be woefully outmatched. First Lieutenant D. Dutch says that, "apparently if they're not pushing around little girls for their lunchmoney or senior citizens for their retirement they're not too tough. Ha ha. Seriously, I'm not even sure they know how to use those guns". Even with the unprecedented success of the first few hours no one is getting over confident. They know that the Q's rise to such heights of evil does not allow for them to take the matter lightly.
Ground Troops Are Closing In On The Nefarious Q HQ

Early reports show that ground troops and scouts have been extremely successful in taking out Q cells in their many forms and hiding places. The extensive mission is covering every dark wooded forest, Godforsaken swamp, and under every slimey rock for the perpetrator of these serious crimes. Our highly trained soldiers are more than willing to go the distance to see this evil undone.

It Has Begun!

In the time it has taken for the world to react to the oppressive regime of the Q countless people have been victimized to suit his evil pleasure. The House of Dagromm will stand for it no longer. Even now troops are being mobilized to take immediate action. The Speaker of the House of Dagromm in a statement to media today said, "We vow to seek out the perpetrator of these crimes against the world. We will hunt him down no matter where he hides. Q, justice is coming for you, and it's coming with a vengeance".

Preparations Are Being Made

Consider this a warning to the entire Blog World that we are stockpiling supplies and preparing ourselves for a long overdue Blog War with the Q. After his most recent usurpation of the creative rights to the term "Blogment" we at the House feel this is our only recourse. Even now warehouses are being filled with Blogaganda materials that will be distributed should the Q not come to his senses. It will not be pretty and he has been warned that no amount of UN pressure will stop us from seeking justice.