Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Preparations Are Being Made

Consider this a warning to the entire Blog World that we are stockpiling supplies and preparing ourselves for a long overdue Blog War with the Q. After his most recent usurpation of the creative rights to the term "Blogment" we at the House feel this is our only recourse. Even now warehouses are being filled with Blogaganda materials that will be distributed should the Q not come to his senses. It will not be pretty and he has been warned that no amount of UN pressure will stop us from seeking justice.


cyberman said...

If you two don't watch out, you could be sending our entire planet into blogmageddon!

And to think the first shots were fired on everyone's favorite peace loving blog known better as The Wheel in Space. I feel such blog guilt right now it's not even funny.

Dagromm said...

Don't you worry CyberD. The affronts have been brewing for awhile now. We at the House do not put blame on you. You are just another innocent that Q has victimized.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Dang! Cyber learned how make href tags! Look out world.

I dunno, in this two against one blog battle, do sides have to be taken.

Why not visit the Switzerland of blogs Gyuss Baaltar Pull up a chair, enjoy our chocolate, blond hotties, and every citizen is required to own a machine gun

Q said...

The Q only victimizes the willing, so consider yourself q'ed. I also do not intend on following the Geneva convention so any prisoners that are taken will be viciously and violently victimized as well. This is your warning no others will be issued.

The Q does not allow neutral parties in the Q's wars, you are either with the Q or against the Q.

Also as a perk for all of those that join the Q's army of blogsploitation there will be free cookies and juice.

Q out!

cyberman said...
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cyberman said...
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cyberman said...

I copied and pasted from the setting feature. I had no freakin idea what I was doing... I just got lucky, but you better damn well believe I'll be droppin' those bad boys left right and center from now on!