Monday, October 05, 2009

A Few Things I'm Liking

Is anyone else out there watching Glee on Fox? I don't know how popular this show is, but I'm finding it very enjoyable. From the comedic characters and storylines to the acapella show choir versions of songs. I admit that it is more than a little gay, but I'm loving it.

I recently watched the movie Hamlet 2. It's been available to rent for a while and I was glad that I finally got around to it. The story is about a failed actor / failing high school drama teacher who is trying to save the drama program at his school. His stage version of popular movies have flopped and he finally decides to try and create an original play. Thus he begins work on Hamlet 2. The script and songs for his play manage to attract attention and offend the majority of the community to the point where they try to shut down the play before it is ever performed, which is exactly the kind of thing that gets the ACLU involved. The lawyer from the ACLU played terrifically by Amy Poehler steps in to save the day and offers the following assurances:

Cricket Feldstein: Well, this play is gonna bitch-slap Broadway like a cheap hooker at a gangbang.

Dana Marschz: Uh... yeah.

Cricket Feldstein: Y'know, and those Bible-humping protesters can suck a bag of dicks, 'cause all I ended up doing was giving you free publicity.

Dana Marschz: Yeah, and did you see my dressing room? It has a bidet!

Elisabeth Shue: That was a sink.

Dana Marschz: It was?

And if you're asking yourself does that say Elizabeth Shue? It does. Dreams are realized as Elizabeth Shue once again graces the silver screen! Dagromm's grade for this movie: A-.

Sorry I could only find the sing along version of this song.