Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clean Sweep

Today is "Office Clean Up Day" at work. The idea is that everyone will go through their workspace, collect all unused office supplies, and take them to the Facilities Department. I think management has some fanciful idea that I am going to happily participate and hand back over all of the office supplies that I've carefully collected and hoarded over the last six months. I can guarantee that there is very little possibility of that.

In return, the department that hands over the most stuff will win a free pizza lunch. Ooooh fun!!!! Wow pizza!!! What a motivation!! I'm really gonna bust my ass for some pizza that I have to share with my coworkers. How come as adult professionals they try to motivate us the same way they did when we were in elementary school? A pizza party indeed!! Why not just offer us a chance to get a sticker out of the Treasure Chest?

I have decided though that since I wanted to wear jeans today and be comfy I would go ahead and throw some of the junk away that I've been keeping around my office.

Good bye corkscrew that I held onto just in case some vendor decided to send me a contraband bottle of wine. I'm turning over a new leaf and will now just bring you around holiday season.

See you later potato gun. You helped me get around that pesky "No weapons in the workplace" policy, but I think I'll just whittle a shank out of my name plate instead.

Hasta la vista random discounted chemicals. You have intimidated my boss long enough to give me job security for as long as I want it. Thank you.

Take it easy little rodent. Your companionship has grown wearisome. Your going into the trash with the rest of it.
Be gone 48x36 picture of David Hasselhoff. We shared a lot of experiences. The less said about that the better.

Take a hike picture of "girlfriend that lives in Canada". I don't think anybody really bought our relationship anyway.