Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I was Thinking and Stuff...

Recently I watched an independent movie that I really enjoyed called The Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. It's about some modern age guys that decide that they were destined to become pirates and so they head off to live by the pirates code. It reminded me of my great and real desire in middle school to become a pirate one day and gave me some good insight to what it probably would have been like. Of course White Rock Lake in Dallas would have had a different dynamic, but otherwise fairly similar I think. Anyway Netflix or Blockbuster this movie. It is genius. It gets a solid A-.

Reminiscing about my plans to one day be a pirate also got me to thinking about other plans that I had in middle school. For example I was fairly sure that I would be driving a motorcycle by now. The motorcycle is by far the coolest vehicle. It has been driven by American heroes like Captain America, Arthur Fonzerelli, Maverick (from Top Gun), Evil Knievel, and Super Dave Osborne. There have plenty of others of course, but I think I made my point. I knew that things could vary and there were other options as well, but a motorcycle seemed much more economical than driving Big Foot or Blue Thunder. Anyway, none of that has come to pass. I guess you could say that the cruel and unexpected twists and turns in my life have been utterly devastating, but I carry on. I just make sure that I let my kids know that nothing they have planned in their lives will ever come true. Except death.