Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I was Thinking and Stuff...

Recently I watched an independent movie that I really enjoyed called The Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. It's about some modern age guys that decide that they were destined to become pirates and so they head off to live by the pirates code. It reminded me of my great and real desire in middle school to become a pirate one day and gave me some good insight to what it probably would have been like. Of course White Rock Lake in Dallas would have had a different dynamic, but otherwise fairly similar I think. Anyway Netflix or Blockbuster this movie. It is genius. It gets a solid A-.

Reminiscing about my plans to one day be a pirate also got me to thinking about other plans that I had in middle school. For example I was fairly sure that I would be driving a motorcycle by now. The motorcycle is by far the coolest vehicle. It has been driven by American heroes like Captain America, Arthur Fonzerelli, Maverick (from Top Gun), Evil Knievel, and Super Dave Osborne. There have plenty of others of course, but I think I made my point. I knew that things could vary and there were other options as well, but a motorcycle seemed much more economical than driving Big Foot or Blue Thunder. Anyway, none of that has come to pass. I guess you could say that the cruel and unexpected twists and turns in my life have been utterly devastating, but I carry on. I just make sure that I let my kids know that nothing they have planned in their lives will ever come true. Except death.


jaz said...

Good to hear you are teaching your children how to plan their deaths. A father needs to include all the important markers of life.

And I realize you didn't intend to list all the great heroes who rode bikes, but how could you leave out the Terminator?

Chillax said...

...or Ghost Rider?

Churlita said...

When I was a kid, every boy wanted to be Evil Kneivel.

I wanted to be a stand-up comic when I was in Jr High. Thank god, I grew out of that one.

jaz said...

My brother left his two front teeth in the pavement doing a jump with his bicycle--pretending to be Evil Kneivel when he was about 9. What a positive role model!

So--who was your pirate model? Blackbeard's Ghost? Errol Flynn as a swashbuckler? Long John Silver--from Treasure Island or the fast food joint?

LIT said...

If everything went according to our plans life would probably be very dull. The unexpected brings such interesting challenges, and we become more creative and interesting and interested as we strive to meet them.

I just heard from a friend that her daughter, at age 50, had taken up motorcycle riding. So, don't consider your life over yet. Of course, if you want to consider yourself past your "motorcycle years", that would be fine with me. Mrs. Dagromm might have a thought or two on that subject.

Nate said...
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Nate said...

[edited for names]

I can't find a copy of that movie anywhere for download, so I have to disbelieve that it exists.

Oh yeah, rent "The Mutant Chronicles" and let TheBoy stay up late to watch. If he can handle AvP, he'll love it

Dagromm said...

JAZ - I hadn't thought of the Terminator, but I would have to specify Terminator 2 because Terminator 1 was a bad guy.

Chillax - I totally thought about including Ghost Rider, but I didn't want to go on too long. I love me some Ghost Rider.

Churlita - Hell yeah he was!! He wore red, white, and blue!! Case closed.

JAZ - We didn't have a lot of good pirate movies for a long time. Unfortunately I'd have to say that my pirate hero was One Eyed Willie from Goonies.

Lit - I disagree. My life would be wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling. I blame the rest of the world for not playing along and letting me have the perfect life I deserve.

I think my motorcycle years are behind me. I'm now having to focus on driving Big Foot.

Gyuss - It does exist. You just have to believe!

I'll look for The Mutant Chronicles, but I want your word that it's better than AVP2. I will also counter that you should also check out The Gene Generation starring Bai Ling. It's like watching a live action anime or a Shadowrun movie. After you've watched it contact me immediately because I will pose a question to you and see if you're amazed by the answer. I was.

Tera said...

So happy to hear that you're teaching the children lessons in optimism!!!

No pirate movies for me unless Johnny Depp is in them...

You're never around anymore, so high tail your ass over and read my post from today too...that's an order!

Nate said...

Downloading now.
I'll watch it over the weekend and let ya know.

And I didn't say The Mutant Chronicles was good, but it does have some cool parts. Kind of a imperium vs. chaos feel to fight scenes and designs