Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Casting a Wide Net

Hello Blog World,

I know that you've missed me and I can tell you that you've been missed in return. It was a nice weekend and I will tell you all about it at a later time. The final visitors to the House of Dagromm escaped into the night while I was sleeping so it was a heavy heart that met me that final morning.

I admit that I am way behind on blog reading and writing due to a number of factors. Work is super busy right now, the computer at the house now doesn't seem to recognize what keyboards are anymore (I think it has Althzeimers), and family activities are ramping up for this weekend. In my absence I've noticed that everyone has gotten very loquacious with their posts. I can appreciate you all have lots to say, but I don't know that I'll ever get it all read. Currently I just skim the writing and let my eyes stop whenever they see the word "boobs".

So I expect it will be another week before I can blog on a more regular basis, but I appreciate you all still bothering to check in once in a while.

On to other things, I'm currently working on a screenplay for a movie idea that I had the other night. I'm excited because it's a western and I've never written one before, but I've seen a hole in the market and I'm going to try and cash in. With the rise of Bollywood cinema and the ever greater Middle Eastern and Asian presence in the U.S., I've seen a need for a movie that can incorporate these great cultures with the established movie presence. In fact, like all great movies it will be a trilogy that will follow the travails of a Hindi man in the old west. It'll incorporate all of the standards of westerns with the beauty of Hindu culture. The first movie, "My Hat, My Ghandi" will kick things off and really set the tone for the future installments. The second movie, "Passive Resistance at the OK Corral" will bring things into their darkest moments, before the action culminates in the third movie, "Turban Cowboy". If you like western movies like, "Unforgiven", "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugl", and "The Apple Dumpling Gang" then you'll love the movies I'm working on.