Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello Gambling Season

I've been writing about gambling all week and today I'll tell you why. This weekend marks the time I make my first trip out to the horse track every year. It has become an annual occurrence for me to meet up with Q on the weekend of the NFL draft and wager on some ponies. We get seats that have televisions and for almost 8 hours sit planted. We place our bets with the...I'm not sure what their called...people that walk around with the handheld electronic devices for recording bets (legal bookies?). Waiters come by and take our food and drink orders. With multiple races and football draft info coming the whole time, it's damn near heaven.

The NFL draft also marks the beginning of Fantasy Football season as well. There will still be another bout of free agency that will affect teams line-ups, but the majority of it will be set. In another month magazines will start coming out and my studying will begin. As fantasy football is basically another form of gambling, this ultimately makes this weekend the opening ceremonies of gambling.