Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For Interested Cowboy Fans

Gyuss recently contacted me to ask how the recent Tony Romo experience was playing down here. He's gotten a lot of good reviews so far and local sports pundits are already wanting to laude him as the second coming of Roger Staubach. Not everybody is happy about it though as evidenced by Drew Bledsoe's recently established blog. I share for your enjoyment.
Interesting Heart Healthy News

I read on CNN this morning that KFC has opted to use a new cooking oil for their chicken and potato wedges that will keep out the trans fats from their food. They still haven't found a way to eliminate it from their biscuits, but they are still looking. It's nice to see that some of these corporations are finding ways to not kill us and maybe keep our business a little longer. Below is a quote from the article that shows that other companies are doing the same.

KFC isn't the only business preparing for a trans-fat-free future.
Wendy's International Inc., the burger restaurant chain company, has already switched to a zero-trans fat oil. Fast-food leader McDonald's Corp. had announced that it intended to do so as well in 2003, but has yet to follow through.

So McDonald's hasnt followed through on this claim, no surprise there. And who else is missing.........?????? Burger King!!! Let this be a reminder to all that the Burger King is the enemy of mankind!