Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interesting Heart Healthy News

I read on CNN this morning that KFC has opted to use a new cooking oil for their chicken and potato wedges that will keep out the trans fats from their food. They still haven't found a way to eliminate it from their biscuits, but they are still looking. It's nice to see that some of these corporations are finding ways to not kill us and maybe keep our business a little longer. Below is a quote from the article that shows that other companies are doing the same.

KFC isn't the only business preparing for a trans-fat-free future.
Wendy's International Inc., the burger restaurant chain company, has already switched to a zero-trans fat oil. Fast-food leader McDonald's Corp. had announced that it intended to do so as well in 2003, but has yet to follow through.

So McDonald's hasnt followed through on this claim, no surprise there. And who else is missing.........?????? Burger King!!! Let this be a reminder to all that the Burger King is the enemy of mankind!


Q said...

Burger King flame broils their food so they don't use oil, that is why their food is healthier and tastes better than their competitor's.

cyberman said...

Good for the KFC. Maybe now I'll be able to eat fried chicken again. I haven't been able to in about 15 years because while I love the taste, it upsets my stomach.

Dagromm said...

Q-They also flame broil their roaches and serve them to you. They don't however flame broil their fries or onion rings.
CyberD-Are you going to be ok? It doesn't seem like you can eat much of anything anymore.
Gyuss-Are you eating meat again? I hadn't thought about this until now.

Q said...

No, Dagromm they flame broil everything.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I'm allowing myself one meal with meat a week if I want it, but I'm still staying as veggie as possible