Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks to CNN for getting this story out to the public.

Video: Stripping for college credit*

Now, I'm considering going back to college.

Or the strip club.

I like the message that the girl has at the end. What a great honor's thesis.

Additionally, this story made me cry a little bit.


Nina said... hubby and I went to the local strip club together over the weekend. It never crossed my mind to ask the girl who came to our table begging to give me a lap dance WHY she is a stripper. I just figure they're mostly narcissitic money hungry women.

Nina said...

Oh yeah, given that you're married (right?) you shouldn't be too concerned with story #2 assuming that you're in a faithful relationship. You should be able to have all the oral sex you want with absolutely no worries :)

EsLocura said...

damn I can't believe that I missed the stripping part of college. as for the 2nd story, you gotta live on the edge baby!

Tera said...

I don't like strippers...that's like letting a kid go to the candy store, look at all the wonderful treats and then telling them they can't have any!!!!

I won't even do the 2nd story...if it almost made YOU cry...enough said ;)

Dagromm said...

Nina - I think that you don't give them enough credit. I haven't met a stripper yet that wasn't working her way through college. Or really stoned.

Nina - It is physically impossible for any guy to get all the oral sex they want. They would have to bend time and space.

Eslocura - It's never to late to go back to school.

Tera - I think what you're talking about is called a "bad strip club". Truthfully, there could probably be a succesful prostitution sting operation in 95% of strip clubs. People would get voted out of office if they ever did that though.