Friday, April 04, 2008

Time shoots by and there are multiple things to catch loyal readers up on. The boy has an unofficial girlfriend. It’s been going on for a while. She told a friend that she liked him who told him and he said “ummm ok” and then he asked her to the dance which she couldn’t go to because she had family coming in town, she calls him semi-regularly, he took a picture of her with his cell phone, and now she wants to know if he can go to the mall and hang out sometime. So that’s romance and dating in the modern day. Her name is Ebony. She’s a sista.

The girl’s soccer season is almost to the midway point and she and the team have been struggling. I don’t know if she’s just uncomfortable transitioning between the two teams or what, but she knows that she’s not playing well which is frustrating her and making her play worse. She and I have worked a little extra and have talked about it, so I hope that’s about to turn around this weekend. The team started getting really physical in practice and I’m hoping it carries over into the games, because we’ve been lacking in that regard to a painful degree.

Today I find out that the girl has strep throat. She had to get a shot in the leg and I don’t know that she’ll be playing this weekend. I got her McNuggets. That's the only medicine I know. That and Pee Wee's Big Adventure.


Gyuss Baaltar said...

I'm a rebel Dottie. A lone wolf.

heather said...

so, how old is the boy?

have you gone over the proper procedure for condom use?

mc nuggets aren't medicine.

a&w rootbeer floats are though.

jaz said...

Never underestimate the healing power of Pee Wee Herman on the big screen--not in front of it.

And Heather is right. It is rarely too early to teach how and why to use a condom--but too late occurs very often. From what I have seen, I expect your family doesn't register on the irresponsible-parenting or can't-talk-to-the-kids lists. That would be on my side of the family!

(I'm trying not to emulate the rest of my clan).

Dagromm said...

Gus - I know you are, but what am I?

Heather - No, but he took a class at school where they taught him that and watched a film that told him if he ever had sex he would get diseased and everyone would laugh at him.

Jaz - I worry, because the boy can't understand why anyone wouldn't want a baby.

jaz said...

I can see cause for worry there. Oyster is convinced she wants only to adopt. She asked me if having a baby hurt and I told the truth. She's too scared to take any chances at getting pregnant. Now, when she is old enough to have a chance to take a chance, I hope she still feels the fear.

heather said...

jaz, there's only one thing about the whole 'let us hope that by spreading horror stories about delivery we will somehow reduce unwanted pregnancies' movement.

the thought of being in pain had nothing at all to do with my decision to make sure i didn't get pregnant. pain is temporary and something of a badge of honor for tomboys.

the thought of the 18+ years ~after~ the delivery though...
now that scared the shit out of me. who am i kidding, it still does. :-)

dags, even if you don't use them the next time you're out with the boy you should pick up a box. be casual about it but try to make sure he knows you're cool with talking about it whenever he's ready. good luck man, i don't envy you right now.

LIT said...

About the boy: My concern is whether at this tender age dealing with the opposite sex (and we know what they're like) is going to toughen him up (I know his sensitive nature) or cripple him for life.

About the girl: Warm salt water gargles (not hot).

And that's all I have to say about that. (Can you tell I recently saw Forrest Gump on T.V.?)

Churlita said...

Pee Wee and The Goonies, and greasy food are the best known cures for illness. My daughter's first soccer game is today, but it's high school so they beat the sh#@ out of each other on the field. It's kind of hard to watch.

fringes said...

You're a good dad.

Alan said...

I'm ... uh ...

Know what? I'll just sit back and watch.

And learn.

Goo said...

Jr.'s got a rap that would put most politicians to shame. And he's been working his charms on the ladies since before he could walk. Now that they're coming his way the best he can do is, "Um...okay?" So sad. Another one fallen.

Give Taz my love and keep her far, far from me. I'm allergic to strep and just the thought has me breaking out. Yikes!

Dagromm said...

Heather - If I buy them I'll use them. There's no reason to get a 12 year old a box of condoms for him to watch them slowly disappear. You buy a 12 year old boy one condom to put in his wallet and carry around and show his friends. I guess you have to be a guy to know this storied tradition.

Churlita - Yeah, it gets rough. The parents aren't real nice.

lit - He's sensitive, but he's more than used to strong women. If he can survive his mom, I think he'll be fine.

Fringes - Sometimes I get it right.

Alan - The best way to learn is hands on!!!

Goo - I don't know that he was sure which way he awnted to commit at the time.

The girl's feeling better already!