Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dallas Cup Final Thoughts
The Dallas Cup Final was on Sunday with the Dallas Texans playing against Santos Laguna. The game started off furiously with both teams scoring in the first few minutes. Santos went up 2-1 before the Texans finally took over and won the game 4-2. I couldn't help feeling bad for Santos, because although the refereeing was ok in this game they still had to suffer the effect of the calls in the last game. Their back up goalie was clearly not as good as their starter (who was red carded in the last match) and they suffered from the loss of one of their other starting defensemen (also previously red carded). The Texans played a good game and clearly have some talent, but their route to winning the finals left something to be desired. The Santos fans stayed after the game to cheer for their team who had played a hard game, but I felt that the tournament ended on a relatively disappointing note.

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