Friday, April 14, 2006

Furthering our decline into a world run by machines a Japanese company has developed a robot secretary in the shape of Hello Kitty. The robo-kitty can recognize faces, keep track of appointment schedules, and respond to verbal questions from bewildered office visitors. The fact that a cyber-secretary would be developed isn't half as bewildering as why it would be shaped like Hello Kitty. I think the general expectation was more along the lines of Darryl Hannah.


Q said...

I developed a toy similar to this only it wasn't quite as sophisticated. Actually mine was more like a real cat and didn't talk or anything. Thank goodness, that would be uncomfortable.

cyberman said...

My office manager basiclly rules over the admin staff and protects them so much that you can hardly call them support for the professional team's work. Consequently, I can hardly say I have administrative support. It sounds like I could use one of these.