Friday, May 12, 2006

Here are the two anime titles that I enjoy the most right now. There are plenty others that I like, but these are the two that I really look forward to putting my money down on to get the next DVD's.
1.Initial D - This series is tons of fun and shows the absolute coolness of drift racing. It's got a contemporary mix of music that fits the mood of the show and great characters. The story capatilizes on the mechanical specs of cars and parts that guys love to learn about as it makes us more macho, plus has the element of the normal uninspiring guy that suddenly realizes he has a skill that makes him special. Like in the movie the Karate Kid when Daniel realizes that all these chores he's been doing has made him strong at putting forth a good defense, Tak in Initial D comes to the conclusion that the boring chores he has been doing for his dad has given him the skills of a top street racer. It's lots of fun as different challenges from rival racing teams come to face the unbelievable driver in the old tofu delivery car.

2. Maburaho- This is a really fun show that I've become somewhat infatuated with over the last few months. This show takes place in a world that is very much like Earth of today except that everyone has magical abilities. The amount of power varies among people and the main charcter was never thought to be of any great shakes. We find out early on that he is in fact a descendant of the greatest wizards of all time and actually has a very concentrated amount of power. This means that he can perform the most powerful magic in all the world, but has a limited amount of uses. While others can use their magic thousands of times, he is limited to six uses before he dies and turns to ash. When word of his lineage gets out he suddenly becomes the most eligible bachelor in school. He becomes the object of desire for three girls in particular that want to make use of his DNA to secure the position of their families and reap the rewards. It's very comical and often times touching as the very kind hearted protaginist wants to do the right thing by everyone and is clearly uncomfortable with all the attention he is receiving.

There are plenty of others that I like including Blue Seed, Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha, Chrono Crusade, Megazone 23, Petite Princess Yucie, Full Metal Panic, Gun Smith Cats, Macross, Ghost in the Shell, etc. so don't be exasperated if I'm not saying that your anime is the best, but if you like anime then I'd say you should really give both of these a try.

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