Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When is it okay for kids to start cursing?
Children using swear words is generally frowned upon, but I know that at some point in life it becomes acceptable. When does it become ok for someone to use a "hell" or a "damn"? Is it sooner then using the other (more vulgar) curse words? Or does it stay something that people should never do in front of their parents?


Q said...

Not sure, I still tend not to in front of my mother. It is still toned down in front of my father. But not with Dagromm he brings out the cursing in me, alot.

cyberman said...

I tested out the cursing in front of my parents a few times but it wasn't until after college. Even then it was awkward and those were just the mild words. Not the real graphic ones. Now that my parents are aging they are very sensative to curse words. They almost never use them anymore so now I'm back to editing my language.

As far as your own kids cursing... I know Ethan will curse eventually. I cursed when I was a kid. As a parent I will always frown upon it and expect him to edit his language in front of me. But I imagine I'd stop punishing him for it in any severe way after he turns 16, 17, or 18... somewhere in there.