Friday, October 13, 2006

America Sucks

I practically grew up going to Sci-fi and comic book conventions and we never had cute fans like they do in Japan that dress up like their favorite characters. In fact it seems the only place you find people that are willing to dress up in silly costumes here in America are on HBO's "Real Sex". What is wrong with our culture where we have to sexualize anything that is outside the norm. It's not enough to like something, but lets dress up like it and have sex! Oh well, I give up, and I would totally get with this chick.


cyberman said...

So you're upset that sci-fi chicks in america are both few and far between as well as not very hot...yet you complain that the only activity that americans do get reved up enough about to dress up for is sex... does anyone else see the irony in Dagromm's complaint?

Also, you forgot to include sports fanatics. They dress up in this country... not just the orgy lovers.

Q said...

Yeah...I dress up like blood