Monday, October 16, 2006

Movie Night Smack Down!!!
My wife and I spent Saturday evening exploiting the fact the we had relatives stop by our house. We quickly seized the opportunity to vacate the premises and head down to the local movie house. The wife and I were in a quirky mood and decided to make it a double feature of two different WWE superstars. We started off the evening by taking in The Marine starring the professor of thuganomics, John Cena. Then almost immediately afterwards were able to walk into the theater for Gridiron Gang starring The Rock. I'm pretty sure that both movies are based on true stories and they both had appearances by other big name stars. The Gridiron Gang had Xzibit and The Marine had a cameo from NFL legend Lincoln Kennedy. What more could you ask for in a movie? I'll tell you what...action and big hits. With The Rock and John Cena you know you'll get plenty of both. I have to admit that before I went to see The Marine I thought it was going to be pretty bad, but it really exceeded my expectations. It was like watching one of those Lorenzo Lamas TV shows on USA with more steroids and less rational thought.


Q said...

Man I love steroids almost as much as I love John Cena, so that settles it I am going to see THE MARINE hoohrah. The only other big name was Lincoln Kennedy? What about his hot co-star was she great in this? It also had the dude that played the evil terminator in terminator 2. I would think that the leader of the chain gang would be an awesome actor.

cyberman said...

Dags, you are one of few people I know that actually both purposfully and looks forward to gooing to see what he EXPECTS to be a bad movie. You've always been that way and I've never understood it.

Gyuss Baaltar said...
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Gyuss Baaltar said...

I am so going to see THE MARINE now.

I've been missing the simple movies I used to sneak into when I was a teenager. Simple movies with simple plots:
Man is wronged. Man just happens to be trained by his government to be a killing machine. Man destroys everything that gets in his way. Preferably with a few cheesy one-liners as he dispatches the myopic bad guys who can't shoot straight.

Dagromm said...

You know what Cyber D, some times it's nice to know when you go to a movie that you are going to get exactly what you expect. You can tell that the Terminator 2 dude is an extremely bad guy, because he walks in slow motion A LOT. You know it's a good movie right from the opening action sequence when John Cena is sent in alone to scout out an Al Quaida compound and then can't wait for back up as he needs to start kicking ass right now. In movie world cars and trucks are impervious to bullets, fire, and point blank explosions. It makes you wonder why standard army transports aren't all Pontiac Firebirds and 18 wheelers. Of course apparently Marines are impervious to all of these things as well. Man this movie kicks ass!!
Yes, the love interest is extremely hot and her look will also harken you back to the good old days of what action movie dames are supposed to look like.
The Marine will make Gyuss extremely happy as LOTS of things get blown up. And there are random bits of fighting and violence that seem to be put in for no reason what so ever.

Q said...

Seriously though aren't you going to send in John Cena before anyone else on a recon mission, You Can't See Him. I also rented "V for Vagina" last night on PPV per a reccomendation by Dagromm, dude you were right that was the best $12.99 I have ever spent renting a movie. Q Out!