Friday, December 08, 2006

Self Evaluation

I recently had to complete my self evaluation for work. For those of you in the Blog Universe that are unfamiliar with the concept, it comes around once a year when managers are supposed to give their direct reports performance appraisals. It makes things easier on the manager because you're basically going to do all the research on whether you hit your target numbers. Well in my case I wasn't even given my target numbers until two days before hand. Astoundingly enough, not only did I hit all my targets I far exceeded every one of them!!! According to my research at least, and the flawed statistics that we've kept, and my math (I'm not paid to be an accountant so you can't fault me!!!). I spent all of yesterday at the office working on it, except for the time spent blogging and reading blogs and of course going to lunch, and doing a little internet shopping, and sports reading. By the end of the day I was exhausted. Putting so much effort into letting my manager know how invaluable I am is really tiring. So, I'll probably blow off today too.


Q said...

On your friendship evaluation that I did yesterday I gave you an A-.

So did your boss call you an F-Job?

Dagromm said...

He hasn't called me anything yet, but I'm anticipating that he'll call me a genius. That's what my self eval said.