Friday, December 22, 2006

Troops Find Cave of Gyuss
Say "It's Not That Impressive"

Acting on intelligence reports that the Cave of Gyuss the Baleful was really "just around the block" from the Corner of the Q troops found and siezed the infamous cave. After a quick look inside they were disappointed to find that it was really very little more than a hole in the graound and probably didn't even really qualify as a cave. "Maybe for like a five year old it's some mysterious cave. For an adult it's just kind of pathetic," said intrepid scout K. Garoo (pictured). When asked if they could be sure that it was in fact the correct cave they pointed to the dog eared autobiographies of Rush Limbaugh and Dan Quale that littered the floor, as well as the parachute that appeared to have been used as a sleeping bag

1 comment:

Gyuss Baaltar said...

When pressed for comment, Gyuss says:

Have you checked out property values in the Corner? There's no way I could afford a full blown cave on my salary. Give a gnome a break, it's a starter cave, a fixer-upper if you will.

Just wait. Those Queer Eye guys are coming by next week to fix it up.