Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Brazillion Reasons I Didn't Blog Yesterday

I took the day off of work yesterday. Sorry Bloggers!

This time when I "took the day off", I mean that I actually let the office in general know that I wouldn't be working or physically present. Not like the previous weeks where I try frantically to impress how busy I am on others in the office so that they will leave me alone to disappear for interviews, soccer games, long lunches with my homies at prestigious restaurants, or blog posts.

No, yesterday I was quite clear in my intention to use some valuable PTO and take care of other things. Dr's appointments, exterminator visits, soccer games were on the docket. The soccer game I went to in the evening was surely the highlight. It was me, Q, and my daughter at the stadium in Frisco to watch the U-19 Sau Paulo Futebol Clube (Brazil) vs. Shamrock Rovers (Ireland). It was a good game even though it wasn't very competitive. The Brazilians never looked like they were taking the game too seriously and even taking it easy were able to score a 6-1 victory. It became apparent that after they put up four goals they were being merciful as they could've doubled their score quite easily. Q and I joked about how the coach had told them to allow the Irish four passes every time they got the ball before they took it away from them, and how they were probably saying all sorts of encouraging things to the teeny tiny Irish players. Seriously there were a couple that looked like leprechauns. We surmised that the captain of the Irish team was the one who could drink the most beer as the players looked somewhat lit on the field.

I also got to speak to a fellow blogger via Q's cell phone that I had never spoken to before. It was pointed out that I sound differently then they had imagined. I don't know why. Maybe my punctuation and grammatical oddities aren't as noticeable on the phone. What did they imagine I was going to sound like? Do other people imagine what I sound like? What do they imagine me saying? Is it kinky?

It occured to me afterwards that I had heard their voice before on blog radio, so I wasn't caught off guard by their voice. Of course it might also have to do with the fact that a large part of my job involves calling people and talking to them.

Anyway.....Dallas Cup Semifinals on Friday:

Chelsea F.C. (England) vs Southampton F.C. (England)
Real Madrid C.F. (Spain) vs Sau Paulo F.C. (Brazil)

I can't wait.


Q said...

Those Brazilians just play a very clean brand of futbol...

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I love hockey stories.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

When I imagine Dagromm's voice, it's always Tuxedo from Saturn Moon

Yunno, effeminate pedofiliac

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon

A perfectly good slam wasted

fringes said...

Sooooo...Q is the only "blogger" who gets mentioned by name? What's a girl gotta do to get a little pub at the House of Dagromm?

Please do not answer that.

heather said...

having heard the 'fellow blogger' myself on blog radio i will say this, she has a beautiful, smooth and soothing voice. not what i had expected either. i think subconsciously we all assign a voice to those we read. along with a sometimes fuzzy picture of what we imagine that person looking like.

Dagromm said...

If anyone wants to know what I look and sound like I would say that my voice is like Patrick Stewart's and I look like Johnny Depp except more muscular.

Dagromm said...

fringes - I never know what to divulge. I expect most community readers would know it was you though. I'd be glad to answer your question though.....(extra seedy voice) in person.