Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Movie Review

Hello Bloggers!!!! Welcome back to the world's most trusted movie review site. Today I will be reviewing the highly anticipated Rocky Balboa. This is the latest in the fantasy world of Rocky where in any sub par white boxer from Philly is bad ass enough to conquer the world of sports. This movie continues the tradition of showing us exactly what a pit Philadelphia is and how beneficial steroids can be for the human body. It also continues the trend of less and les impressive looking fighters that Rocky has gone up against. The list in order follows:

Apollo Creed

Just feast your eyes on this spectacle. Bad ass.

Clubber Lang
Four words for you, "I pity da fool"

Ivan Drago
Sorry for the grainy quality of the picture, but it was Communist Russia
and this is all that was released to the free world.

Tommy Gunn

Is this a joke?

Mason Dixon

Look at this guy!! Who'd want to fight this guy? He's too nice!

It's amazing that as they tried to incorporate real world boxing more and more into the movies they became less and less impressive. The names of the boxers also got worse and yet the technique of the boxers stayed terrible. The movie is still a sentimental watch so I have to give this movie an A-.


Q said...

Damn! Apollo Creed was cut like a rock. Mason Dixon is the second most impressive fighter on the list. At one time the real Mason Dixon was the World's pound for pound best fighter.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Does Rocky give an uppity black man his come uppence?

heather said...

this has got to be a guy thing. i never got the whole rocky fest. i think you're right though from looking at the pictures, each boxer ~has~ gotten less and less impresive. but then again so has stallone.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I'm a Tommy Gunn fan myself. No one wears a mullet like Tommy.

Dagromm said...

heather - I'm not sure what country you're from, but this is America and you better get with the program quick.

Gyuss - They all had some good hair cuts except for the last one. Boring!!!!

Q said...

Screw you Dagromm!

heather said...

lol, born and raised american on air force bases. and i ~am~ with the program, just the female version of it. :-)