Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Agenda for Quad Weekend

noon - Check in
1:00 pm - Welcome Luncheon @ Bone Daddy's or Silver City Caberet
2:30 pm - Film Session - Kickin' it Old School
4:00 pm - Quad Annual Frisbee Golf Celebrity Pro Am
6:30 pm - Happy Hour/Mixer
8:00 pm - Dinner - Chuck E. Cheese

9:00 am - Breakfast - Dry cereal w/optional milk
10:00 am - Shuttle departs for water park
10:30 am - Hurricane Harbor Water Park
7:00 pm - Shuttle departs for House of Dagromm
8:00 pm - Dinner - Macaroni and Cheese w/optional chili

9:00 am - Breakfast - donuts
10:00 am - Monopoly tournament
12:30 pm - Lunch Cookout - Hamburgers w/optional vegetables
2:00 pm - Slip and Slide Competition
3:00 pm - Pinata!!!!
4:00 pm - Video lecture - The History of Pornography w/guest speaker
6:00 pm - Water balloons
8:00 pm - Dinner - Hot Pockets (1 per attendee)

9:00 am - Breakfast - complimentary glass of water
9:05 am - Check out

It's going to be a great weekend! I can't wait!


Q said...

I cannot wait for the frisbee golf celebrity pro am and the water balloon fight and feeling Gyuss' warm embrace again and his warm breath on the back of my...

heather said...

i'm gonna ignore q's comment cause that just isn't right.

nice to see you're going all out for the meals. i don't know how you guys are supposed to keep your stamina up eating like that.

Goo said...

I don't know how they're supposed to drop ten pounds eating like that.

fringes said...

Glad to see you're settling into your new job well enough to blog again.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I don't think life gets any better than this.

Tera said...

Chuck E. Cheese? From bunnies to mice huh? You guys need to make up your minds!

Dagromm said...

Q - Not on my sofa you don't!!

Heather - Don't worry we'll consume more than enough calories.

Goo - We'll burn more than enough calories.

Fringes - Thanks, it's coming bit by bit.

Gyuss - I know what you mean. Awesome right?

Tera - Chuck E. Cheese is an American institution. Then again so is Alcatraz.

Cyber D said...

My personal favorite is always the pinata! Ol' Dags always gives us a surprise. Last year it was a miniature George W. Bush!

Goo said...

Cyber D, there's a smaller version of the Shrub? What is it, a bonsai?

EsLocura said...

will there be costumes involved?

heather said...

oh dear god! please let there be costumes involved! at least that way they will be wearing ~something~!

you boys have fun. just remember that mac and i are doing the show on fri and sat now. (12 am eastern) :-)

LIT said...

As a mother it's gratifying to know that you learned the gracious art of keeping your guests comfortable by offering them refreshment. Where were all those "good eats" the last time I visited the House of Dagromm? The water was wonderful and most appreciated.

Dagromm said...

Cyber D - I don't want to spill the beans on this years pinata, but I can say that you are going to want to swing using both "Lo"hands.

Goo - I wish I had a bonsai tree. Then my life would be complete.

Eslocura - I can't promise anything, but we normally have a parade the first evening that goes through my entire neighborhood. Q tore it up last year with his ice cream float while blasting "Milkshake" by Kelis and stopping every half block to get out of his truck and dance around his float.

Heather - We usually have a prayer circle going on at that time, but we'll see.

Lit - Not everybody gets offered water. Keep mouthing off and we might be out of ice next time you come up.

heather said...

lemme guess, is this prayer circle located in the county drink?

Cyber D said...

I'm giddy with excitment!

Churlita said...

I hope your kids go somewhere else for the weekend...You know, so they don't get too damaged or anything.

Goo said...

Churlita, don't worry about the kids being damaged. Dagromm's got a "you break it, you buy it" policy where the kids are concerned. Visitors tend to treat them like glass.

heather said...

did you boys all make it through the weekend in one piece?

Susan said...

Hot pockets? You're too good to them. I hope they're the pizza ones. Those are awesome.

heather said...

ok, where's your version? dish already! lol