Friday, January 09, 2009

Whew!! Made it!

Yes, that's right. I survived the holidays. It wasn't easy as you might imagine on one income and some unemployment, but we managed to get the kids a couple of things and we got a few things in return. Now we can concentrate on scraping by without the distraction of the holidays. To my son's credit he never really asks for much and seems delighted with whatever he gets and seems generally amused that anyone gets him anything at all. This was also the first year that he wanted to get gifts for some friends at school. I guess 7th grade is about that age, but it still kind of caught me by surprise. The boy remains kind of socially awkward, but he's managed to find himself a group of anime loving friends that he apparently fits in with. I've suggested that he invite them over, but he's not ready for that right now. That or he thinks I'm going to embarrass him. That remains a distinct possibility.

The girl had her 9th birthday party in early/mid December and for it we endured (cue ominous music and echo sound effects) the sleep over. We had nine girls come over and spend the night and although there were certainly the dramatic tear filled moments, in the end everyone had a good time. She also has been continuing with her writing and got some very positive feedback from her teacher about a story that she wrote. The assignment was to write a story using six of her spelling words, which for most of us means a story that is six sentences long. The girl loves to write though and wrote something considerably longer. Maybe I'll post it.

I received a soccer ball for Christmas from my son and a bouncey magic eight ball type thing from the girl. The soccer ball I wanted because I find I never have enough coaching supplies and really still need a few more. The bouncey eight ball/snow globe thing was something I had made a comment about Walmart and the girl determined was something I really wanted. It made for great conversation the rest of the break as I got to make several announcements to the family about how happy I am with my balls, and how proud I am of my balls, how I can't wait to play with my balls, etc. Finally the kids asked me to stop. That's the sign of good parenting. The kids have learned decorum.

Here are a few quick hits regardsing the last couple of months of unemployment.

I still don't know how to make much use out of Facebook. I think it's really like those memo boards that people use to put on their dorm room doors letting people know that they are out.

I've become addicted to Naruto.

I've recently made the single greatest meatloaf ever. I'm very proud of it.

I've recently made one of the hottest tastiest pots of chili ever. It'll make your eyeballs bleed it's so good.

Soccer sign ups are ongoing and I'm busily recruiting players to come back from last years team.

I am also planning practices and formulating some psychological tactics to get my team to play better. Some thing that uses less physical abuse and probably more verbal abuse. This is 2009 after all.

Happy birthday Goo.


LIT said...

Happy New Year, You.

A. So glad I made that birthday call to "the girl" during the laughter filled, screaming moments rather than the "dramatic tear filled" ones.
B. "The boy" is becoming a handsome young man, and I'm hopeful that his wonderful sense of humor will carry him through some of those "socially awkward" times.
C. Remember that embarrassing one's children in front of their friends is a family tradition. (Is that why you changed your name to Dagromm?)

Goo said...

Thanks, Dags! It's just what I wanted. Plus, reading through you're blog supplied me with an additional entertaining anecdote to share over dinner this evening. My friends and our waiter are all very glad to know how much you love your balls and that they bring you such pleasure.

Goo said...

Lit, unnecessary finger quote were another topic of conversation. Are we no longer certain of the sexes of Dagromm's children? Is there something I need to know?

heather said...

so glad you're happy with your christmas balls.
am i the only one slightly disturbed for you that one is made to be kicked and the other makes predictions?
why didn't you post the meatloaf and chili recipes? do i have to have a talk with your mom regarding your unwillingness to share and tendency to brag?

and a very happy belated birthday to goo. :)

jaz said...

Now Daggs, I am left wondering. Do you mean your son may really fear being embarrassed by you, or are you saying there is a real possibility that you will embarrass him? Or (most likely) both?

We are getting only glimmers right now that it is possible to embarrass Oyster. For the most part she seems impervious to that particular parental torture. Please tell me she will grow into it?

Churlita said...

I'm so sad that I didn't get any balls to play with for Christmas. I miss out on all the fun.

NoRegrets said...

Hi - happy new year to you! So glad things are going ok. I'm sorry though that your balls are so mismatched (size wise). You might want to go see a doctor about that.

Cyber D said...

Dude, I can't wait to play with your balls either. I miss them so much!