Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Greatest Ancient Civilization
Being a man, I find myself besotted with hypothetical questions that take on seeming importance to me. Currently, I have been pondering what the greatest ancient civilization in human history was. I am leaning towards the ancient Egyptians at the moment, but am still unsure. You have to admit that style-wise they are way ahead of most of the cultures in the world. They had kick ass sandals, cool ruins, papyrus, lots of stuff pimped out in gold, most everybody liked them, and wicked awesome eye make-up. Even now we can still name off some of the kings and queens from that time and their style is still being copied today thousands of years later. I don't know what has happened to the Egyptians since then. They looked like such a promising culture. Some how they took a sharp turn from their fashionable ways. I mean, have you seen the way they dress now??? Oh well, maybe all the cool Egyptians moved to L.A. or something.


Q said...

I am going to have to go with the Romans on this one. Not only did they have much better Gods they conquered the Egyptians with them. That gives them a leg up. All of the massive buildings, the archtectural inovations, they were easily the most productive civilization ever in building massive amounts of stuff, but unlike the egyptians theirs wasn't useless. I almost forgot the outrageous orgies this civilization did it all, and still had time to deliver a calendar to us.

Dagromm said...

Lot's of groups delivered calendars to us F-job!! The Mayans, the Chinese, etc. The Romans built lots of crap, but they mainly just ripped off other people's stuff. I'll give you that the Romans had lots of influence over the way the world has turned out, but their best things aren't even fully realized today (gladiators and orgies).

Q said...
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