Friday, April 28, 2006

More Blog surfing talk
I've looked through many random blogs now and have noticed a prevalence of anti-Bush sentiment out there. Now I'm not pro-Bush by any means, but I do stand up against thoughtlessness and banality. It appears that Bush has become a default subject for people to write about when they can't think of anything to put on their blogs. I know it's easy pickings as there seems to be a new dumb comment, scandal, or oppressive statement form him every day. Actually there are often multiple occurrences in a single day, but it's too easy. I'd like all Bush bloggers to take a step back look around and find something else in the world to talk about. For those of you that are American citizens try taking your vote a little more seriously next time. What did you think would happen?
I do like the artsy blogs, and the ones where people bring good ideas to the forefront. I even like the ones where people have updates about their families with lots of pictures. I don't know any of these people or half of what they're talking about, but it's much more interesting to see something that I don't know than something that I already know.
I'll try not to talk any more about Bush as I find the subject almost painstaking.
Have a kick ass summer.


GeTzSeMaNe said...

I think people really have a blog because it´s cool and they think: If everybody have one, why I can´t do it? But they don´t have anything to share with the rest bloggers.
Ok, Bush it´s not the best president in the world... Aznar was horrible too, but you don´t find 10.000 blogs writting about.
I like when you say that people must think before give them vote to someone...
I hope you don´t care, I link your site because I like to read you.
Best regards.

Dagromm said...

I don't mind at all. In fact I look forward to seeing your comments as it means I haven't gotten too boring. Feel free to chime in whenever you like. I gotta go now. Job interview.

Q said...

Blogs that are written in the English Language suck in general. Most of the Blogs that I like happen to be in foreign languages, but they have lots of pictures and man do i like pictures. Blogging is 1/2 interesting thing to say 3/4 awesome pictures. Keep up the blogging Dag you atleast have a F+.