Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can women in the office tell if I walk past them with an erection? I think this is a question that has beset all men at some point when we lose control of our bodies response system and get the inextricable hard on. It can happen at any point, yet we still have to continue on with our work functions. This means that we might still have a meeting to attend or some other interaction with others....and there it is.....like a huge beacon of virility. We can try to cover it up, but does that interaction alone bring more attention and make it that much more obvious? I don't know, and so I turn to you the blog public to give me your opinion. Can women tell, and if not is that worse than if they can?


Q said...

I don't know about you but I pretty much force them to know it, by thrusting at them while speaking and walking up behind them and "bumping" into the back of their head. When this particular problem occurs I will often lye on the floor with my upper body under a table or desk and ask for help that requires crouching and stradeling my body... Oh good times

Dagromm said...

May God have mercy on your soul...and I don't mean the George Burns God, but rather the one from the Ten Commandments. That God didn't play around.